MAMALA is not just a company;
it's a heartfelt offering born from the vision of Dr. Kristyn Silver Brook, a dedicated perinatal chiropractor and mama. Her passion in life has always revolved around holistic health and facilitating healing for women, especially mothers…elevating how they experience pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Kristyn always dreamt of figuring out impactful ways she could take care of mothers on a larger scale. Although she supports many women in her local community, it was not enough…she wanted to reach more women. Her belief is that every mother deserves to be taken care of, because if mamas are taken care of, the future will be a better place!

One day, as she walked barefoot on the beach, the vision she had been waiting for finally came to her. She realized there was a way to deliver a healing experience to moms. By curating a selection of hand-picked items to support their health, happiness and well-being, the amount of women she could help became unlimited.

Kristyn, normally a reserved person (a true cancerian), couldn’t contain her excitement. She felt so inspired by the idea that the next day she shared it with her sister-in-love, Allison…secretly hoping she would want to partner in co-creating this passion project. 

Allison is a mama, health enthusiast and insanely talented, creative soul. She has a tasteful eye and an ability for making things look and feel special and inviting. Kristyn knew that having her as a partner would mean elevation of the brand and a way to create a beautiful experience.

When Kristyn shared her vision with Allison, there was an immediate pull on Allison’s heart strings. As a designer and creative director for over 20 years, this concept felt different than others she had worked with. It had purpose and thoughtfulness and the ability to touch a mama's life during a transformative time in her life. This immediately struck Allison as something she would love to support, co-create and help bring to life and birth with Kristyn. The following day, unprompted, Allison told Kristyn she wanted to partner. 

Their collaboration became the heart and soul of MAMALA. Together, they began building the brand and hand crafted a box that not only provides essential health and wellness items, but also delivers a healing experience on multiple levels.

As founders, they aspire for MAMALA to be a symbol of care, love, and support for mothers. They envision it as a source of empowerment, comfort, and joy during the transformative journey of motherhood. Through MAMALA, they aim to make a lasting impact, starting with mothers and radiating outward, creating a better future for humanity. 

Their first meeting was in January 2023. Together, they refined and perfected a beautiful mix of special items presented in their initial offering, the NEW MAMA BOX. After months of product research and testing, along with thoughtful design and sourcing, they now proudly present their third baby to the world — MAMALA. They hope you love it as much as they do!

The name MAMALA came from the blending of  MĀLAMA and MAMALEH.  

MĀLAMA: to take care of, to nurture and preserve- the land, people and communities. The word is Hawaiian in origin, Hawaii (specifically Kauai) being a place Kristyn + Allison both feel a deep-rooted connection to.. 

MAMALEH: a Yiddish term of affection and endearment, meaning little mama. 

For Kristyn and Allison, MAMALA means taking care of the little mamas, our communities and the earth.